War Amps Key Tag Program

Posted at 9:44 am on February 5, 2018

Coming soon to your mail box, War Amps Key Tags.  They are being sent to residents of Northeastern Nova Scotia this week.  This is the 100th anniversary of  the War Amps program.    Spokesperson James Jordan says War Amps was launched following the conclusion of World War One.
The Key Tag Service started following World War Two.  It continues to employ amputees and people with disabilities.  Since the Key Tag Service began, more than 1.5 million sets of lost keys have been returned to their owners.

Posted at 11:34 am on February 7, 2017

The War Amps key tags will be finding their way into your mailboxes soon, if they’re not already there. The tags, a fixture on key chains for the last 71 years have been sent in the mail to people across Canada. The tags, allow lost keys to find their owners, and also result in donations to the War Amps.

James Jordan, safety events coordinator for War Amps says that over the last 71 years, this program has been able to return 1.5 million sets of keys. Jordan says this is becoming more useful, given the rising costs for expensive key FOBS and electronic car keys. The campaign also helps raise money for children who are amputees:


90% of the donations made to the War Amps goes directly to helping amputees receive new limbs. Jordan encourages people to check the mail and to put the news tags on their key chains.