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St. FX Student-led initiative launched to stand up to violence against women

A stand against sexual violence on St.FX campus is picking up momentum as students work to eliminate assaults at the university. An initiative called “We Stand


St. FX students Emily Fleming (left) and Sarah Bruce (right) stopped by the 989XFM studios to talk to Matthew Moore of the 989XFM newsroom (center) about “We Stand Together”

Together” was started by female students at the university who want to raise money and awareness to end the violence.

Emily Flemming says that t-shirts have been ordered and sold on campus, with funds going towards a bystander program. Flemming says that the stand against violence is also sparking change at other universities in the Atlantic Provinces:
Flemming says that shirts, buttons and ribbons are available online through social media by searching “St.FX Strong”. Flemming adds that another order for t-shirts will be going out, due to the popularity of the initiative.
Student Sarah Bruce designed the logo that has circulated around social media. Bruce says that it has been incredible to see the St.FX family standing together to support those affected by sexual assault:
Funds raised through shirt sales and donations will be going towards a school based bystander program