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Teachers are Investigating Outdoor Education Options

As a new school year begins, some teachers are exploring the possibility of expanding their

Trail at Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet

classrooms by taking their students outdoors.

Educators are looking at the option of outdoor education not only for the benefits of fresh air, but also as a way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
A leader in outdoor education locally is Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet.  Chris Demers, who led outdoor education in Pomquet is now a consultant with CSAP, the french language school board,  on behaviour support and student wellness as well as outdoor education.
Demers says some teachers and administrators have called him seeking more information on taking students outside.
Demers says CSAP has launched a web site on outdoor education, including weekly suggestions on activities and how to modify some classroom instruction to the open air.