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Three Hockey X-Men to Play for USports All-Stars against National Junior Team Hopefuls

Three members of the St. FX X-Men will suit up for a team of USports men’s hockey all-stars that

Liam Hawel (St. FX Athletics photo)

will face players in Canada’s National Junior Team selection camp.  Since 2015, a USports all-star team has played the National Junior Team hopefuls eight times in preparation for the World Junior Hockey Championship.

Matthew Struthers (St. FX Athletics photo)


X-Men players named to the USports all-star team are forwards Liam Hawel, Matthew Struthers and Jacob Hudson.  This USports

Jacob Hudson (St. FX Athletics photo)

squad is made up entirely players from the Atlantic University Conference.  Two games have been scheduled, Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday at 12 noon in Moncton