Tim Houston takes his leadership campaign to Antigonish

The PC leadership contest in the province is no longer a one horse race. Yesterday, the MLA for Kings North John Lohr announced his bid for Tory leadership,

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

becoming the second person to officially enter the bid for the parties new leader.

The first to do so was Pictou East MLA Tim Houston, who was in Antigonish yesterday. Houston says that he looks forward to the leadership race now that another candidate has stepped forward:
Houston met with students from St.FX yesterday afternoon to discuss concerns affecting people finishing high school or who are currently enrolled in University. Houston says he is listening to people at the province at a “grass roots level’ with the hopes of fixing many longstanding issues.
Houston says one of his top priorities is to ensure the highway between New Glasgow and Antigonish is fully twinned. Houston says he supports the Liberals plan to twin the dangerous section of Highway 104, and will make that a top priority if he becomes leader.
Houston says he knows many of the first responders who attend to accidents in the area, and wants to see the highway twinned as soon as possible. Houston would like to see the work done in a timely fashion:
Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines says that the plan is to have the highway twinned by the early 2020s, while Houston says he wishes it could be done much sooner than that.