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Town of Antigonish looks to UARB to alternative rates to accommodate residents going Solar

The Town of Antigonish will send a request to the Utility and Review Board today, hoping to get alternative rates implemented. During Monday’s council meeting, the town said some members of  the Antigonish Community Energy group had purchased equipment for net metering, which is to be put in place at the start of 2018.
Deputy Mayor, Willie Cormier says that some members of ACE had jumped the gun and purchased equipment ahead of the 2018 start for net metering, and are looking for assistance from the Town:
Cormier says that if the UARB says no, the Town will regroup, and find a way to assist those people who had purchased some equipment for net metering. Cormier and town council remain positively optimistic that the UARB will come back with a favourable ruling.