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Ultimate Online Nova Scotia Kitchen Party (COVID-19 Edition) Facebook Page Created by a Pictou County Resident Draws a Large Following

A Pictou County native says a Facebook page she created aimed at offering some positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic has grown beyond her wildest dreams. Heather Cameron Thomson of Rocklin is the founder of the Ultimate Nova Scotia Kitchen Party (COVID-19 Edition) page. Cameron Thomson, who was feeling the weight of the negativity and the uncertainty of the pandemic, was uplifted by seeing several friends’ posts playing music. Inspired by that, Cameron Thomson created the page on March 19th.

The page caught on quickly, and now has more than 280,000 members from 99 countries. Cameron Thomson says she’s overwhelmed by the response.


Cameron Thomson says the musical contributions varies widely, encompassing a number of languages and cultures. Some of the contributors upload songs daily, creating a following among members and the larger Facebook audience. Some contributors will sing as a family together.


To hear the entire interview with Heather Cameron Thomson, follow this link:  https://soundcloud.com/ken-kingston/facebook-page-featuring-musicians-from-nova-scotia-and-around-the-world-gains-a-large-following