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Antigonish Town and County Agree to support proposed Mini-Pitch Facility

A proposed recreation facility received a funding green light from both the town and County of

Mini-Pitch facility at Street Soccer USA Park in Sacramento, California. (www.mini-pitch.com)


During last night’s regular monthly meeting of Antigonish Town Council, members voted unanimously to help fund a mini-pitch project for the area.

Back in April, project champions Maria Fraser and Trevor Reddick made a presentation to the town about the project after being approached by Scotia Bank. Scotia Bank offered around $286,000 for an outdoor mini-pitch that could be used for both soccer and basketball, and would be inclusive.



The presenters offered four options, with the town selecting one that would see the construction of  two mini-pitches,  a paved access road, parking, and a canteen and washroom building at a total cost of around $1,261,995. The funding request was for $956,000, with the town agreeing to fund 40 per cent, with the county funding 60 per cent. The county offered a portion of the funding during their council meeting last week, contingent on the town also offering funding.  It’s proposed the facility will be located behind Antigonish Education Centre.

Antigonish mayor Laurie Boucher said she has been hearing about a lack of recreation space within the community for some time, and the mini-pitch project will be a huge addition to the area.