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Antigonish Town Council to send a letters in support of Guaranteed Livable Basic Income

Following a presentation by the Antigonish Coalition to End Poverty last night, Antigonish Town Council voted to pass a motion to send a letter to the prime minister, the premier, and other representatives calling on the government to implement a guaranteed livable basic income. Darlene O’Leary and Colleen Cameron offered the the presentation, which provided some background what a guaranteed livable basic income means, as well as emphasizing the need.

  Following the meeting, Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said there being two major reasons council wanted to support the motion, which was suggested by the coalition. First off she said council recognizes there is poverty in the community, they need help from other levels of government to better address the problem.

 She also pointed to the work of the ACEP.



Boucher encouraged residents to look into the matter of a guaranteed livable basic income.