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Central Nova MP Sean Fraser says a lot of discussion held at Federal Liberal Caucus Meeting in London, Ontario

Central Nova MP and Housing Minister Sean Fraser says a couple of announcements came out

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser

of the Federal Liberal Caucus meeting, held in London, Ontario last week.

Fraser says a number of issues were discussed by Liberal MP’s as they prepared for the fall sitting of the House of Commons, including the rising cost of inflation and affordability challenges facing Canadians, the climate crisis, the housing crisis, health care and job creation. The fall sitting of the House begins today. 

Fraser says in particular there are a couple of big announcements, one involving housing.

Fraser says government has also decided to eliminate the federal GST on home construction for rental properties including student residences and seniors complexes.  It’s hoped the provinces will follow suit.

As well, the Prime Minister announced he is summoning the heads of major  grocery chains to Ottawa, asking them to put together a plan to reduce the cost of food to ensure middle and low-income families can pay for the food they need.