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Desmond Fatality Inquiry to Re-open for Submissions Before Judge Paul Scovil

A release from the Nova Scotia Judiciary states proceedings for the Desmond Fatality Inquiry will reopen next Tuesday to allow counsel an opportunity to make submissions before Judge Paul Scovil.

Last month, the judiciary appointed Scovil to take over responsibilities related to the inquiry after presiding Judge Warren Zimmer’s status as a Provincial Court judge ended.

Closing submissions from counsel and the parties took place in April of last year. Due to recent developments, Scovil feels it is important that counsel have an opportunity to make final submissions before he prepares his report and recommendations.

The proceedings are set to continue at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday at the Port Hawkesbury courthouse

The final report and recommendations are will be filed with the Provincial Court when complete. A copy will also be provided to the Minister of Justice and released to the public on the Desmond Fatality Inquiry website.