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Eight St. FX University Professors receive $1.48 million in Research Grants

St. FX University marked the awarding of $1.48 million in research grants over five years to eight professors at a virtual ceremony Thursday.

The Discovery Grants come from the federal government’s Natural Sciences and Engineering

St. FX Bioogy Professor Dr. David Garbary (St. FX University photo)

Research Council (NSERC). Among the grant recipients are Lisa Kellman, James Brendan Murphy and Dave Risk from the Earth Sciences Department; and biologists David Garbary and Russell Wyeth. Also receiving grants are Erwan Bertin in Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics researcher Stephen Finbow and James Hughes in Computer Science.

Garbary says receiving these grants has been extremely important in his research.


Garbary says other students have moved into other professional programs such as medicine and dentistry where training and research are valuable.

Garbary says it also allowed him to explore areas that weren’t necessarily part of his grant-specific research program. Right now, Garbary says he’s involved in two research programs associated with First Nations.