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St. FX food service provider Sodexo Canada Announces new scholarships and bursaries for Human Nutrition Students

St. FX University’s food service provider, Sodexo Canada has established a number of

(Left to Right) Bob Hale, StFX director, Ancillary Services, Sodexo customer service manager Kris Benoit and general manager Tim Hierlihy, Department of Human Nutrition senior lab instructor Brenda Hanlon and dietetic educator Sarah O’Brien. (St. FX photo)

scholarships and bursaries for the school’s human nutrition students.

Sodexo is offering two $5,000 individual scholarships. One will go to the top ranking incoming first year student and a second to a third or fourth year student from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island who is interested in working in the food service industry.

Sodexo is also providing the Kevin Fraser Memorial Bursary. Named in memory of the former Sodexo general manager at St. FX, the five bursaries valued at $1,000 each are presented annually to a first or second year student. The bursaries are awarded based on financial need.