Antigonish Arena and Minor Hockey Reach Agreement on Facility Use and Spectators

Minor hockey is set to resume at the Antigonish Arena.

Antigonish Arena

Owen McCarron, chair of the Antigonish Arena Association, said arena management and Antigonish Minor Hockey reached an agreement  on Tuesday night on the use of the facility and letting in spectators for minor hockey.

McCarron said there was a issue around contact tracing for spectators and the party responsible. He said all sides are now clear on the issue and are contented they can move forward.

The warden said he suspected the goal was to resume minor hockey at the arena as soon as possible, noting he thinks it will be going by this weekend.

Spectators will be allowed in the Arena for both practice and games. Capacity is 200 spectators over and above the 50 participants on the field of play. The field of play consists of the ice surface, player benches, timekeeper box, penalty boxes, and dressing rooms. All rental groups are required to adhere to arena facility guidelines.