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Antigonish Town Council approves $100,000 to Antigonish Affordable Housing Society for a 15 unit Development, Conditional on Other Funding Partners

Antigonish Town council offered funding for an affordable housing initiative but there are conditions.

During a special town council meeting on Monday Morning, Antigonish Town Council approved

Riverside Estates, a two phase development of the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society

$100,000 in funding over five years for the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society. The society is looking at establishing a 15 unit building near the Antigonish Education Centre and St. Andrew Junior School.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher explained the society is in a time crunch and needed to ask for funding now as opposed to budget time.  

The town portion of funding is dependent on the board receiving money from two other funding partners and that the project go to public tender.  While in support of the project, Boucher said she doesn’t want to see the town’s operating budget hindered by the grant. This means the funds would come from either the discretionary fund or though a tax rate increase.



Boucher said it is a good project, adding  said the town is fortunate to have dedicated and passionate people like those with the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society. She said she was approached three times at meetings with the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities regarding the society’s work and how it can be duplicated elsewhere.