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Premier Rankin says Front Line Health Care Workers facing Child Care Issues Need our Help During the Lockdown

During today’s COVID-19 update, Premier Iain Rankin said frontline health care workers need

Premier Iain Rankin (Nova Scotia Government photo)

help from residents.

With the lockdown underway and healthcare workers potentially facing childcare issues, Rankin said they need to be supported.



Rankin said he doesn`t want frontline health care workers having to worry about childcare and he doesn`t want someone giving up their space to worry about getting it back.

The premier also asked residents have to continue to be positive and stay patient. Rankin thanked Nova Scotians for their cooperation and support with the lockdown. he said the measures currently in place are part of a broader strategy to slow the spread and reduce cases of COVID-19.

Rankin also noted appointments for the Astra Zeneca vaccine will be made to 40-54 year olds in the coming days, hopefully by Friday. When it is running, people can book a vaccine online.