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Provincial Liberals Release Rules of Procedure for Leadership Contest

The Nova Scotia Liberal Leadership Organizing Committee released the Rules of Procedure governing the 2021 Leadership Contest. Voting delegates will electronically select a new Liberal leader who will be announced at the Nova Scotia Liberal Party’s leadership convention on February 6, 2021.

In August, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party announced the next leader would be selected on February 6, using a one-member one-vote system, weighted by riding. All members in good standing who register as delegates by January 12 will be eligible to vote by preferential ballot. The weighted system allocates 100 points to each of the Province’s 55 electoral districts, ensuring that support for the winning candidate is distributed throughout the province.

The Leadership Candidate Nomination Package is also available on-line, as well as details on the payment of the candidate nomination fee.

Previously, a limited number of delegates were elected by members of the local Liberal association to attend the Leadership Convention and select the leader on their behalf. The only voice members had was to select the delegate representing their local association.

The Party has chosen to open up this process so that every member can become a delegate and cast a vote to select the next Liberal Leader. As long as they are members before the cut-off on January 7th, they can register as delegates.

Votes by delegates shall be cast electronically, either by internet access (through a computer, smart phone, or similar device) or by telephone. The voting period will begin February 1 and conclude on February 6. The winner will be announced at the Party’s leadership convention, which will be live-streamed to both delegates and the public.