Recruitment Efforts for Doctors at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Showing Positive Results

Ongoing recruitment efforts at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital are providing results.

Dr. Jeremy Hillyard, site lead at St. Martha’s, said a palliative care physician and a general surgery physician have recently started at the hospital, as well as a previously announced new physician in obstetrics-gynecology, who recently moved beyond the original one year contract into a permanent position. Hillyard said they have another obstetrician-gynecologist set to arrive on June 1, a general surgeon on July 1 and a family physician expected at some point in the summer.

Hillyard said they are looking to add doctors in internal medicine, with recruits coming later in the year.

Speaking of covid 19, Hillyard encouraged anyone with symptoms to go through the 811 online testing process or to call 811 if the online option is not available. He also encouraged people to access general medical care if it is necessary.