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Richmond Warden to meet with Two Residents to Discuss Concerns Over a Councillor

Richmond’s warden has agreed to meet with two residents to discuss their concerns with an unnamed councillor.

During last night’s committee-of-the-whole meeting in Arichat, residents Gina Stanley and Ellen Polegato questioned council’s inability to respond to their inquiries over the past 5 weeks about questionable expense claims and potential conflicts of interest involving one municipal councillor.

Although he noted the item was not on the agenda and was ineligible to be discussed during the 15 minute question period, Richmond Warden Brian Marchand asked if the residents considered approaching the Department of Municipal Affairs.

In response to claims from the residents that council should be dealing with council matters and that council was unwilling to address their concerns, the warden agreed to sit down with Polegato and Stanley to discuss their concerns.