St. FX Indigenous Student Centre-Kiknu “Our Home” Opens

The Indigenous Student Centre at St. FX University has been officially opened.  It will be known

L-r, Mi’kmaw Elder and StFX Knowledge Keeper Kerry Prosper and StFX President Dr. Andy Hakin joined together to officially open StFX’s Indigenous Student Centre and unveil its name, Kiknu, meaning ‘our home’ in English. (St. FX photo)

as Kiknu which means  “Our Home” in English.

A ceremony to mark the opening was held at the Coady Institute’s Dennis Hall Friday afternoon.

Fourth year student and Master of Ceremonies Jeneva Dennis says the centre is a place where she can come to study, talk to people and to hold her culture close.

St. FX President Dr. Andy Hakin says he sees the centre as a place that will bring people together, where peer mentoring and learning can happen organically, that promotes the success of students and creates an environment that promotes friendship and helps in the journey to bring about truth and reconciliation.