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Strong Winds hampering Eastern Shore Lobster Fishermen

While it’s setting day for some local lobster harvesters, some have been on the water since last month.

Ginny Boudreau, manager of the Guysborough County Inshore Fishermen’s Association, says harvesters in Lobster fishing area (LFA) 31 B, started on April 19, while those in LFA 31 A and LFA 29 started on April 29.  31B goes from Whitehead to the Country Harbour area, 31A goes from the Whitehead line over to Canso up to Guysborough, and 29 ranges from Guysborough to Richmond County.

Boudreau said the catches have been decent when the fishers are able to get on the water and haul in all of their traps. However, Boudreau says that wind has been all but relentless.

Boudreau said it’s a decent price for the areas, adding it will hopefully help with lower catches due to the weather. Boudreau also hopes everyone stays safe and have a better season than last.