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Port Hawkesbury Paper officials address Antigonish County Council Meeting

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish heard from representatives of Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) during the county’s regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night. The representatives discussed the forestry practices of the company, some of which include clear cutting.

Warden Owen McCarron said the presentation usually happens once a year, where the plant comes and talks about what they are doing in the region. McCarron called it a good opportunity to learn about the practices of the company. When asked about the topic of clear cutting, the warden said is part of the treatment that is needed.


The warden said PHP is a big employer in the area and a solid contributor to the economy of the province, noting it is important to hear what they have to say.

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Antigonish County looking to table Municipal Budget in May

Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron said the county is on track to finishing their upcoming budget before next month’s regular council meeting.

Council is currently looking at submissions for community grants, McCarron said, adding they hope to have that piece of the budget finished up in the next week.



He added it’s council’s goal to keep tax rates steady, however more and more requests for funding come in every year, many times with higher asks.

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Local Municipal Leaders Outline Concerns over CBRM Bill to Provincial Lawmakers

Local municipal officials expressed their concerns to a bill that would allow the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to sell or lease land below market value and

A copy of the bill amending the Municipal Government Act

offer tax concessions.  They appeared before the Legislature’s Law Amendments Committee yesterday.

One of those who made a presentation to the committee was the Warden of the Antigonish County Municipality, Owen McCarron.
Similar comments were made by Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher and Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts.  The bill, amending the Municipal Government Act, has passed second reading.
The committee has indicated they will send the bill back to the legislature without amendment for third and final reading.
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County of Antigonish Snow Removal Budget is Good Shape thanks to a Mild Winter

An uneventful winter means that the County of Antigonish has been spending less money clearing snow, which has the Warden even more excited for Spring. So far,  Owen McCarron says that salt trucks and plows have been relatively stationary this winter, which will hopefully spin into some budget savings.
McCarron says there is always a worry that winter weather can flip a budget upside down:
McCarron says that minimal snowfall is good for the books, so this winter has the potential to result in a small amount of savings. McCarron adds that the 2018 budget will likely drop in mid May, but the County is still receiving funding requests from different groups at this time.
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Municipal Leaders, St. FX University meet; Homecoming Celebrations a key topic

Recent discussions between St.FX Univeristy and the town and county of Antigonish were positive, and all groups are looking for ways to improve student life in the

area. The topic was brought up during last evening’s county council meeting, where Warden Owen McCarron says he attended a meeting with members of both councils and university officials.

McCarron says topics varied, but discussion around Homecoming spurred a great deal of conversation from every side of the table. McCarron says that the university is looking at ways to build a framework around the week long celebrations:
McCarron says he was pleased to see the groups meeting and looking for improvements even after the hustle and bustle of home coming has wrapped up. McCarron says that everyone wants to find ways to make the event safe for students and residents of Antigonish.
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Antigonish County Officials pleased with progress on Nova Landing

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish is pleased to see development happening within the area at Nova Landing. After last evenings council meeting,

Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron

Warden Owen McCarron said that the development is good for the area, and is a sign of things to come.

McCarron says that having different businesses at the landing will mean employment opportunities within the county, and hopefully future development:
The Antigonish Visitor Information Centre is relocating to Nova Landing, and expected to be opened by late January 2018. A gas station, coffee shop and KFC are also slated to open at the landing.
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Antigonish County officials talk road upgrades with provincial counterparts

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish is being proactive in ensuring that priority areas get the road upgrades that are deserved. This point came up during Tuesday evening’s county council meeting, where Warden Owen McCarron discussed a meeting he recently had with MLA Randy Delorey.
McCarron says that he has already had preliminary discussions with the Antigonish MLA to highlight some areas within the county that are deserving of road work. McCarron says residents were happy with last years upgrades, but it’s important to think of the next step:
McCarron says he plans to chat with the Transportation Minister, Lloyd Hines, to discuss priority roads within the county in need of road work.
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County of Antigonish adopts shared Strategy Strategy on Recreation

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish has adopted a shared strategy for advancing recreation. The strategy will be part of the

Seated: Warden Owen McCarron and Recreation Director Marlene Melanson
Standing: Rae Gunn, Regional Manager for Nova Scotia Department of Communities Culture and Heritage (Communities, Sport and Recreation Division, and Glenn Horne Municipal Clerk Treasurer

municipality’s guiding framework for municipal recreation within the county.

The adoption of the shared strategy will help guide the recreation department in developing a new recreation and physical activity leader plan. The 5 part plan will help achieve the vision for increasing recreation within the area.

The goals include more active living, inclusion and access, connect people and nature, having supportive environments and increased recreation capacity.

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Paqtnkek and Municipality of the County of Antigonish present a national conference on their joint Economic Development and Planning Partnership

Representatives of the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation and the Antigonish County Municipality shared their experiences with joint economic development and planning at a national conference.  Last fall, the two goverments entered into a partnership called a Community Economic Development Initiative.  They received guidance from the national Aboriginal Economic Development organization called CANDO and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  Paqtnkek Chief Paul Prosper and Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron made a joint presentation at the CANDO conference in Fredericton this week.
McCarron says both he and Prosper highlighted the details of the accord reached between the two communities and what the future may hold economically
McCarron says in the presentation he and Chief Prosper talked about opportunities of economic development, the need for building relationships and getting to know each other as communities.
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Antigonish County Council welcomes Federal Funding for Legion-CACL project

Funding last week from the Federal Government will help with renovations to the former National Philatelic Centre, and that pleases Antigonish County Council. During last evenings council meeting, Council agreed that the 625 thousand dollar ACOA funding for renovations is well deserved for the Antigonish Legion and CACL.
County Warden Owen McCarron says that the announcement is great news for the two deserving groups:
MP Sean Fraser announced the funding last Friday. This funding will go towards new interior walls, a commercial kitchen, woodworking rooms and other upgrades.