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Antigonish PC Candidate Ray Mattie says he enjoyed his first provincial election campagin

With the Provincial election being wrapped up, the Antigonish PC candidate has had time to reflect on his first attempt in provincial politics. Ray Mattie came up short behind Liberal Incumbent Randy Delorey by a little more than 700 votes.
Mattie says he enjoyed the campaign and is pleased with his result. Talking to local residents was a powerful experience for Mattie:
Mattie plays in a local gorup, Pogey, but is also director for Music on Main and the new Black River Music Fest.
Mattie says although it’s a busy summer, he looks forward to performing and organizing shows. He says a foundation has been created for the Black River Festival, and he is excited to see it grow in the coming years:
Mattie says this new festival is expected to employ around 200 people through the local area and have positive economic spinoffs for Antigonish Town and County. The Black River Music Fest is proudly supported by 989 XFM Nothing But Hits
Mattie says his summer will be spent working and playing at music festivals and concerts around the region. Mattie says he looks forward to a second chance at becoming MLA for Antigonish when the opportunity arises.
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Mattie addresses food issues at Candidate Forum

A provincial issue around low income can have a simple solution – use available space to grow more food. The idea was put forward by PC Candidate for Antigonish, Ray Mattie during a meeting held last evening by the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and the Poverty Reduction Coalition.

Mattie referenced a program that has been established already in Canada which reduces gives more access to accessible food. In Montreal, community gardens are grown on rooftops of building, but Antigonish has enough land to run a project like this:


In twofold, Mattie believes this is an excellent way to utilize land in the area, and to also grow healthy food for people of the area. It would also be a cost effective program to tackle.

Make Yer Own Wine and Beer

Antigonish candidates speak at Chamber of Commerce Forum

The candidates on the ballot for the riding of Antigonish addressed a number of topics this morning in a forum before a business audience.  The candidates were asked questions about roads, taxes, access to cellular phone services, cuts to nursing homes and attracting young people to the riding.  The event was organized by the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce.
Liberal incumbent Randy Delorey says government did have to make some tough choices, but it continued to invest in Nova Scotia.  Delorey says a new Liberal government will continue to support projects to bolster the economy.
PC Candidate Ray says his party supports a more favourable business climate to attract investment to the riding , reducing red table, tax relief for job creation, and re-instatement of the Film Tax Credit.
NDP Candidate Moraig Macgillivray says her party is committed to investment to grow the economy.
Atlantica candidate Ryan Smyth says his party’s platform centres on democracy and the economy including electoral reform, MLA recall, more transparency in the Legislature and cuts to MLA pensions and salaries. Smyth says his party also favours tax cuts.

The four candidates have another forum this week, Friday night at 6:30 at the Antigonish Education Centre.  Sponsored by Nova Scotians for Thriving Communities, candidates will be focusing on questions related to education, libraries and rural communities.

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PC candidate not pleased with imposed contract on teachers

One local PC member is displeased to see the results of the new legislation passed onto the teachers of Nova Scotia. Antigonish Progressive Conservative candidate Ray Mattie believes taking away the collective bargaining right from teachers is unfair – he would know as a former substitute teacher.

Mattie was referencing Bill 75, which was passed by the Liberal Government earlier this week after a 16 month long contract dispute. Mattie says the cuts to education will have a long term negative impact on Nova Scotian children:

Mattie believes the local MLA’s involvement in the case is upsetting, and has caused frustration in the town of Antigonish and province wide.