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Book of a Guysborough County man’s Story of Survival and Building a Life in Canada now in its Second Printing

It’s a gripping tale of a Guysborough County resident’s survival against insurmountable odds in

Cover of “Run Benny Run”
(Cover design by Adam Murray, Clinton, Utah)

his native Yugoslavia to building a new life in Canada.

“Run Benny Run” by Pictou native Gary Chisholm tells the story of Benedikt Lagundzija of New Harbour who was forced by his mother to leave at age 10 to unite with his sister in Belgrade.  He would later flee to Italy under gunfire from the communist-run Yugoslavia border guards.
Lagundzija says he found ways to live off the land and stayed close to farms.
Lagundzija says he also fished  and lived off the land to survive.
Chisholm says the idea of book came after inviting Ben to his hunting camp near Brown’s Mountain.
“Run Benny Run” is now in its second printing, as a result of popular demand for the book.
Driven by popular demand, “Run Benny Run” is now into its second printing.
To listen to the full interview follow this link:  https://soundcloud.com/ken-kingston/run-benny-run-now-into-its-second-printing