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Veteran Guysborough District Councillor Blair George Dies

The District of Guysborough is mourning the passing of

Blair George (District of Guysborough photo)

one of its municipal councillors.  Blair George, a councillor for more than 30 years died suddenly.

In a release, the District of Guysborough says George, who represented District 4 was a key part of the team that helped Guysborough transform itself from a small rural Municipality though to a vibrant one.

He was a strong supporter of the offshore oil and gas industry, fishing and forestry, and  renewable energy such as Sable Wind.  The municipality says George was also strong advocate for his District and made decisions in the best interest of the municipality.

George also served the community in other ways including the board of the Milford Haven Home for Special Care, the Chedabucto Volunteer Fire Department, past Treasurer for St. James Anglican Church, Halfway Cove, and a volunteer for the Canso and Area Minor Hockey Association.

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District of Guysborough to Operate Waste-Water Pups at Chedabucto Properties Inc. Development

The Municipality of the District of Guysborough has assumed responsibility to operate the

Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts

waste-water pumps at the Chedabucto Properties Inc. development in Guysborough that features an apartment building and a new liquor store.
Council approved the recommendation made by Scott Cook, the president of Chedabucto Investments Ltd., during their October monthly council meeting.
Deputy CAO Gary Cleary said Mr. Cook asked for the municipality to operate the pumps and that the pumps and the pump station will remain in ownership of Chedabucto Investments but will be operated by the municipality.
Cleary explained this is a special arrangement as the norm would be to own-operate the pump station, within the public street right-of-way but this particular instance is different because the pumping station is on private land.
Warden Vernon Pitts said the municipality assuming responsibility to operate the waste-water pumps will act as an enhancement of the current system and will maintain the waste-water system as they always do.
Pitts said if they can move a little bit to accommodate him, councilors are more than willing to do that.

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District of Guysborough seeking Doctors

Council for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough is looking for doctors

During a regular meeting of council, members heard a report from municipal clerk Ashley Cunningham who attended a session in Halifax regarding doctor recruitment. Following the meeting, CAO Barry Carroll said doctor recruitment is high on list of priorities for all municipalities.


Carroll said council is working with the local hospital foundation and supporting them in their efforts to bring new doctors to the area.

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District of Guysborough to remove dog specific breeds from its Dog By-Law

It’s good news for some dog owners in the area.

During a committee of the whole meeting on Wednesday, council for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough voted to remove mention of specific  dog breeds from its dog by-law. Warden Vernon Pitts said the issue came to his attention last week after a resident received a letter telling them to find a new home for their dog.


Pitts said council hadn’t looked at its by-law since 2004, noting it was time for a review. He said they gathered information over the years as to how the by-law worked, and it has been referred back to staff for further examination and an eventual return to council.


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District of Guysborough Outlines Reasons for Serving Notice to Leave ESREN

Following its most recent budget deliberations, council for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough voted to serve notice of withdrawing from the

Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts

Eastern Strait Regional Enterprise Network. Warden Vernon Pitts said the municipality did not serve notice because they are definitely leaving the ESREN but stated the municipalities must give a year’s notification if they are contemplating leaving.

Pitts said council is considering the move because of budgetary reasons. With the district raising its tax rates recently and cutting programs by 25 per cent, Pitts said the ESREN is no different. Down the road, he said, if things don’t turn around for the Guysborough District, it may have to be leave but added it is too early say.

“We were faced with the predicament of either we give notice to the REN or we withdraw funding from our own economic development office and we will not be withdrawing funding from our own economic development office,” said the warden.

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District of Guysborough Supports Strait Area Ground Search and Rescue

The Municipality of the District of Guysborough voted to give just over $2,300 to Strait Area Ground Search and Rescue. Warden Vernon Pitts said the group requested a tax levy, which he said is what fire commissions receive. Pitts said council decided against the levy and based their funding on 50 cents per resident.

Pitts said he feels the province should partnering with such funding, noting a high percentage of searches are conducted on Crown property.

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Local Municipal Leaders Outline Concerns over CBRM Bill to Provincial Lawmakers

Local municipal officials expressed their concerns to a bill that would allow the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to sell or lease land below market value and

A copy of the bill amending the Municipal Government Act

offer tax concessions.  They appeared before the Legislature’s Law Amendments Committee yesterday.

One of those who made a presentation to the committee was the Warden of the Antigonish County Municipality, Owen McCarron.
Similar comments were made by Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher and Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts.  The bill, amending the Municipal Government Act, has passed second reading.
The committee has indicated they will send the bill back to the legislature without amendment for third and final reading.
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District of Guysborough upset with Bill that Would Allow CBRM to Sell or Lease Property Less Than Market Value

Officials with the District of Guysborough aren’t happy with a bill introduced in the Legislature they say creates an uneven playing field.

A copy of the bill amending the Municipal Government Act

The bill, introduced last week, would allow the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to sell or lease property at a price less than the market value.
Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts says his municipality has always purchased and sold land for development purposes  at market value, so this proposed change is concerning.
Pitts worries if this bill is passed, it could potentially pit one municipality against another.  The municipality has written a letter to the province expressing its objections to the bill.
The municipality adds that that if the province is going to open up the Municipal Government Act for CBRM, it should do the same courtesy to the District of Guysborough
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District of Guysborough support review of province’s parks and protected area plan

The Municipality of the District of Guysborough is fully supporting a review of the province’s criteria on deciding what lands are protected. This comes after the Mining Association of Nova Scotia announced that they want to propose changes in the province in regards to the parks and protected areas plan.
The municipality, in a release indicates the association’s proposal would mean a better balance between rural economic development and land protection. The Municipality says that greater flexibility could mean an increase in mineral exploration, which can address the population decline in the area.
They also note that previously, the economic prosperity of the area was built on industry such as forestry and fishing. Mineral exploration, however could offer an opportunity to address the population decline by improving employment in the area.
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Anaconda Mining looking towards a 2020 opening of a gold Mine in Goldboro

Drilling has commenced in Goldboro, with the Municipality and contractor hoping to strike gold. The Municipality of the District of Guysborough says that

Gold Nugget

Anaconda Mining has initiated a 6000 metre drill in the area, spending a total of 1.2 million dollars in Goldboro.

Warden Vernon Pitts says that hearing news of drilling in the area is very exciting for residents, the municipality and Anaconda Mining:
Pitts says that people of the area are also on board with the idea of a gold mine opening in Goldboro.
President and CEO, Dustin Angelo says that he is confident that they’ll be able to expand the production, as they have found traces of gold further down the plunge. Angelo says that the future for Goldboro looks very good.
Angelo says disruption to the area during the drilling will be very minimal.