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Nova Scotians support reinstatement of Minority ridings

There is increasing pressure on the government to at least come up with a temporary fix to the province’s electoral boundaries before voters go to the polls.    A new poll suggests 61 per cent of Nova Scotians surveyed support the reinstatement of four minority ridings for Acadians and African-Nova Scotians.  The ridings, including the former Richmond constituency and the African-Nova Scotian district of Preston, were eliminated by a boundary review before the last provincial election.
The survey, by Corporate Research Associates, shows the level of support for reinstatement is consistent across the province, while across the population, support is higher among women than men.   CRA Chairman and CEO Don Mills says it’s an issue the province can’t ignore.
In January, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled  abolishing of the francophone ridings of Richmond, Clare and Argyle violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The province has been quiet on potential next steps since the court decision was announced.
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PC’s call for fix of provincial boundaries to comply with Court of Appeal Decision

The official opposition in the Legislature says the Government needs to come up with a fix to the province’s electoral boundaries.  Last month, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled the abolishment of the predominantly francophone ridings of Richmond, Clare and Argyle violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
PC House Leader Chris d’Entremont says before the next election, the province has a responsibility to make a short term fix to the problem that’s been identified by the courts.  d’Entremont says after the election, the province should take a longer term view to address minority rights in the province.


A fourth minority riding was also abolished when the province’s electoral boundaries were re-drawn prior to  the last provincial election, the African-Nova Scotian constituency of Preston. d’Entremont says that constituency should  also be reinstated.