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The White Lotus

Local Business Owner concerned about Communications by Town of Antigonish during the Flash Flood

Antigonish Town Council heard from a concerned business owner during last night’s regular monthly council meeting.

Christine Briand has customer’s access to her business on Creighton Lane. Briand expressed concerns with the Town’s communication during the February

Creighton Lane Parking Lot after flooding receded in early February.

2nd flash flood, and encouraged the town to develop an emergency communications plan. Briand expressed concerns that the town wasn’t communicating efficiently with affected businesses.

CAO Jeff Lawrence said when the town checked the parking lot at 5:30 that evening there was no flooding, and by 6:15 cars were submerged. He added that due to the speed of the rising water, there were concerns that someone was in one of the vehicles, so the town’s first priority was ensuring everyone’s safety.



Lawrence said there were debriefings with all those involved including EMO and the RCMP on how to improve response in a future event. He added there’s always room for improvement and in emergency situations, things never go as smoothly as planned.