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North Bay Fishermen’s Co-op says results so far During this Lobster Season Mixed

Paul van de Wiel, manager with the North Bay Fishermen’s Co-Op, said the lobster season so far has been up and down.

He said the harvesters are a little disappointed in the prices this year, which are in the five to six dollar range. This is down from last year when they were in the seven dollar and above range. 

Some of the issues facing harvesters this year are high gas and bait costs as well as costs related to new regulations with Transport Canada on what they need to carry on their vessels.


Van de Wiel also said the fishermen are keeping in mind the potential of right whales, noting the right whales usually don’t appear in local waters until August. He said it’s not a major issue right now but if one were to show up it would likely shut down the lobster fishing in that area for at least 15 days.

The season goes until the end of June.

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St. FX Chemistry Professor looking at new formulations to allow frozen cooked lobster to taste better

A St. FX University chemistry professor has begun a quest for better tasting cooked lobster after it is frozen.
Dr. Shah Razul  is studying lobster on a molecular level, focusing on compounds called cryoprotectants that are used to protect food from ice formation when frozen.
Razul has undertaken a year long study to test the effectiveness of his cryoprotectant, including a taste test.
The taste test will be administered by the university’s Human Nutrition Department.