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St. FX President’s Colloquium addresses Canada’s upcoming Legalization of Marijuana next Summer

Canada Day in 2018 might be a little greener than usual, and that’s with the federal legalization of cannabis approaching in Canada. The topic was brought to Riley Hall at St.FX last evening during the President’s Colloquium; where the impending legalization was discussed with the province’s chief medical officer.
Dr. Robert Strang addressed a crowd and discussed the many complexities that come with legalization around the corner. Many worry about health and safety of having the drug accessible, but Strang says there is a lot more to consider with accessible cannabis:
Strang says that it is important for people to have open discussions around the topic, including St.FX and the greater Antigonish community. Strang stressed that it is still difficult to know at this time what legalization will mean federally, provincially and municipally.
St.FX President Kent MacDonald says that the concept of the colloquium is meant to bring uncomfortable topics to the forefront for people to ponder. MacDonald says that he and school administration are working feverishly to understand what legalization means for the St.FX community:

The┬áPresident’s Colloquium brought a mix of students and community members to listen about the complex task of legalizing cannabis in 2018. Topics swirled around from stigma of the drug in the workplace to the school’s policy on legalization next July.