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Canso Area viewed as a potential Rocket Launching site to carry Satellites

The Canso area might be getting an astronomical opportunity, thanks to a new company looking at
developing a launch site in the area. A public meeting was held last night to discuss the possibility of creating a launch base to send satellite-carrying rockets into space.

Maritime Launch is a company that formed in October and is looking to bring the launch services to the Canso area. The area is on a shortlist of places that could house the pad, which could spin into millions of dollars of economic benefit.

Steve Matier, President of Maritime Launch says Canso has great potential for getting a launch site because of the willingness of the public to let the project happen and location:


Matier says he will be heading to Ottawa soon to have more meetings to discuss funding that can come to assist in the development of a launch site. Matier said if Canso-Lawrence Hill gets the base, it could see launches as early as 2020. Based on public feedback and location, he says  Canso is a serious frontrunner for developing the launch site.