Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

Posted at 12:45 pm on February 22, 2018

A Nova Scotia MLA and Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful thinks that it’s time to hit the pause button in regards to legislation affecting the province’s teachers. Tim Houston thinks that the quick push to approve legislation impacting NSTU members is moving too quickly for anyone to digest what the impact really is.
Houston says there is a lot of noise around education presently, and the Liberal government should hit the brakes on pushing anything ahead:
Houston says the February 27th resumption of the legislature will mean busy days, with work needed on legalization of marijuana, redefining electoral boundaries and legislation around the province’s education system.

Posted at 9:45 am on February 14, 2018

One of the provinces hopefuls for the PC leadership has revealed some policies he’d like to see implemented if he is chosen as leader of the party. MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston says a successful Progressive Conservative AGM over the weekend shows strength of the party, and a desire to help the people of the province.
During the AGM, Houston introduced a proposed policy that would see people under the age of 26 being exempt for provincial income tax up to $50,000. Houston says it’s important to keep and attract young people to the province:
Houston says that the new leader of the Tories will be picked at the end of October during the party’s convention in Halifax.

Posted at 10:38 am on January 9, 2018

The PC leadership contest in the province is no longer a one horse race. Yesterday, the MLA for Kings North John Lohr announced his bid for Tory leadership,

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

becoming the second person to officially enter the bid for the parties new leader.

The first to do so was Pictou East MLA Tim Houston, who was in Antigonish yesterday. Houston says that he looks forward to the leadership race now that another candidate has stepped forward:
Houston met with students from St.FX yesterday afternoon to discuss concerns affecting people finishing high school or who are currently enrolled in University. Houston says he is listening to people at the province at a “grass roots level’ with the hopes of fixing many longstanding issues.
Houston says one of his top priorities is to ensure the highway between New Glasgow and Antigonish is fully twinned. Houston says he supports the Liberals plan to twin the dangerous section of Highway 104, and will make that a top priority if he becomes leader.
Houston says he knows many of the first responders who attend to accidents in the area, and wants to see the highway twinned as soon as possible. Houston would like to see the work done in a timely fashion:
Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines says that the plan is to have the highway twinned by the early 2020s, while Houston says he wishes it could be done much sooner than that.

Posted at 8:49 am on December 14, 2017

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston says that 2017 was a great year for him personally, and the area that he represents. Houston highlighted his win in the provincial

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

election, where he won by a large margin and the passing of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day through an opposition motion.

In particular, Houston says that his announcement of running for PC leadership was a key moment for him, as he has received a lot of support throughout the province. Houston says the idea came to him after winning his seat as MLA:
Already looking ahead to 2018, Houston says that looking through the new provincial budget will keep his busy next year, and he looks forward to serving the people of his riding and the province.

Posted at 9:39 am on December 11, 2017

One local MLA doesn’t think that the province has fully thought out the potential economic benefits that come with cannabis legalization. Pictou East MLA Tim Houston says that the Liberal government has missed a serious opportunity by selling the drug through the liquor corporation.
Houston beleives that the province should allow people to open up a private shop to sell the drug, only with the correct permits and documentation. Houston also thinks the Liberals set the legal age to low:
Houston says that many studies have shown that the brain still develops until the age of 25, meaning using the drug at 19 can be dangerous. According to Houston, more open conversations are needed to ensure the legalization is rolled out correctly.

Posted at 3:47 pm on November 19, 2017

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston has become the first

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

candidate for the race for the Nova Scotia PC Leadership. Houston announced his candidacy in New Glasgow this afternoon.

Houston says he’s decided to run because he’s not satisfied with the current standard the Liberal government has demonstrated. He says critical failures in health care is one example of where the current administration has failed. He says healthcare is one of many problems the government has been unable to fix and that he will be working with Nova Scotians to finally develop long-term solutions.

Houston says he’ll release his platform after consulting with party members. He also will continue to tour the province to hear the concerns of Nova Scotians as well as hear their ideas for the future of the province.

Posted at 9:52 am on November 9, 2017

Earlier this month, it was announced that PC leader Jamie Baillie is stepping down from his post. Now, a new leader must be picked, and the Pictou East MLA is

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

thinking about throwing his hat in.

Tim Houston says that Baillie was a great leader, and it was a pleasure to serve under him for 7 years. Houston says there are a few things he would like to do before he officially puts his name in:
Houston has been MLA since he first ran in 2013

Posted at 6:25 am on November 7, 2017

Community members and politicians gathered this past weekend to discuss a possible effluent treatment plant at Northern Pulp in Pictou County. Local fisherman and first nation members discussed their concerns with their local MLA, Member of Parlament and environment minister.
Tim Houston says after hearing about the proposed plant and the meeting that was held, he has a number of questions regarding the new treatment plant which could open in 2020:
For the last number of years, treated effluent was being pumped into the Northumberland Strait through Boat Harbour lagoon, which is slated to close in 2020. Houston encourages residents to keep their ears open and to pay attention to anymore future developments.

Posted at 6:16 am on October 13, 2017

A Pictou County MLA is hoping that a reintroduced act will gain some support in the legislature and be implemented. MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston says he is

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

trying to proclaim October 15th as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Houston says that many Nova Scotians know the pain and suffering that a family experiencies with the loss of a child during birth or infancy. Houston says he has tried to pass a similar bill in the past with no success, and is hopeful that this newly introduced bill can be the spark for a great change:
 The bill aims to create a day to honour those who has suffered the loss of a child, and starting a conversation within government to support these families. Houston says having this proclamation recognized on October 15th would be a good first step.

Posted at 6:21 am on September 25, 2017

New reports from last week indicate that Northern Pulp in Pictou County continues to fail emission tests, which has resulted in an investigation from the Province’s environment department. In the past, the group has failed multiple emission tests and have spent millions trying to rectify the problem.


MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston says that this isn’t a new problem, and he hopes the government and Northern Pulp can work together to find a solution:



In 2015, the mill spent 35 million dollars on new equipment which would capture harmful chemicals, which initially did reduce emissions by 80%. Houston says that Northern Pulp is a big company, and they have a responsibility to operate within the rules.