Provincial Politics

Posted at 10:21 am on March 28, 2017

Progressive Conservatives in Cape Breton-Richmond have chosen their candidate for the next provincial election. Alana Paon was unopposed during a nomination meeting in D’Escousse over the weekend.
Paon is a native of Richmond County.  She has consulted widelly in youth leadership, provincial entrepreneurship, economic development, strategic planning, business navigation and multi-level government collaborations.
Paon says one of her concerns is the growing problem of outmigration from Nova Scotia.
It’s expected a provincial election will be called later this year.

Posted at 8:24 am on March 22, 2017

There is increasing pressure on the government to at least come up with a temporary fix to the province’s electoral boundaries before voters go to the polls.    A new poll suggests 61 per cent of Nova Scotians surveyed support the reinstatement of four minority ridings for Acadians and African-Nova Scotians.  The ridings, including the former Richmond constituency and the African-Nova Scotian district of Preston, were eliminated by a boundary review before the last provincial election.
The survey, by Corporate Research Associates, shows the level of support for reinstatement is consistent across the province, while across the population, support is higher among women than men.   CRA Chairman and CEO Don Mills says it’s an issue the province can’t ignore.
In January, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled  abolishing of the francophone ridings of Richmond, Clare and Argyle violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The province has been quiet on potential next steps since the court decision was announced.

Posted at 1:15 pm on March 13, 2017

The latest polling numbers are out and voter preference for the provincial Liberals has slipped.  The quarterly survey by Corporate Research Associates, shows 44 per cent of decided voters supporting the Liberals.  That’s down from 56 per cent in the last poll in November.  The Progressive Conservatives are backed by 28 per cent of voters, up from 20 per cent.  The NDP is preferred by 23 per cent of voters, and increase of four points.  Five per cent like the Green Party, up one per cent.
The survey also shows 45 per cent of Nova Scotians are satisfied with the performance of the Liberal Government, down from 53 per cent in November.

Posted at 7:11 am on March 8, 2017

Antigonish NDP candidate Moraig Macgillivray says she’s hearing a number of concerns from voters leading up to the next provincial election.  Macgillivray says three issues in particular stand out as she goes door to door.
Macgillivray says teachers, who recently had a legislated contract recently imposed on them by the province, have outlined to her a number of issues they want fixed in the classroom.
They include caps on class sizes, and a lack of resources and support to deal with changes with class compositions.  She says some teachers may have as many as six students on Individual Program Plans.