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Town of Antigonish updating regulations on rental housing

The Town of Antigonish has updated some of their land use by-laws in an effort to better protect renters in the area. During last evening’s town council meeting, it was decided that some changes will be made to by-law 94-63, relating to classification of housing units that are rented out.
Mayor Laurie Boucher says the changes include new classification for units that have more than four bedrooms in them. In an R1 zone, any new five bedroom houses will now be classified as lodging residences, and will have to meet certain code. Boucher says this is all for safety:
Boucher adds that old units will be grandfathered in with the original classifications, but Councillor Willie Cormier says he wants to see enforcement of code upped in the next budget. Boucher says the new by-law is comparable to Halifax laws where it limits how many bedrooms may be in a rental.