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School Sports to return following Work to Rule

Students are returning to classes today with hopes that the disruptions caused by work to rule last year are over. One of the main sticking points during work to rule for students and parents was the cancellation of school sports, since this was considered to be beyond teachers daily work duties.
A spokesperson from the Strait Regional School Board says that: “students will be able to participate in school sports through their respective schools. This will be dependent upon student interest in particular sports and the availability of volunteers to serve as coaches and managers.”
Volunteers for school sports may include teaching and non-teaching staff of the Strait Regional School Board, parents, guardians or community members.
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Antigonish County Councillor says some student-athletes should be given more opportunity to play

Some student-athletes in the Strait Regional School Board are spending too much time on the sidelines.  That’s according to local county councillor Bill Mac Farlane.  He says it’s simply not fair and changes are needed.

Mac Pharlane says playing on a team builds team spirit.  He says council would like to see the policy better explained.