Sisters of St. Martha

Posted at 9:28 am on January 26, 2018

Preparations are underway for the Sisters of St. Martha to move to their new home, from the Bethany Motherhouse to the Shannex complex next door.  The Sisters held their

Bethany Motherhouse (

final public mass in the chapel earlier this month; it’s estimated some 300 attended.

Congregation Leader Sister Brendalee Boisvert says there was one final gathering of the Sisters in the chapel before it was closed.  The service was conducted by Bishop Brian Dunn.
Until they move, the Sisters will celebrate Mass at the Assembly Hall in the Motherhouse.  When the Sisters do move to their new home in March, they will bring symbols of their old chapel with them; eight stain glass windows depicting eight female Saints

Posted at 9:34 am on January 16, 2018

The Sisters of St. Martha are beginning to take steps in preparation of moving from the Motherhouse to the Shannex complex next door.  In December, the Sisters closed Bethany Centre in the Motherhouse.  For the past 45 years, Bethany Centre provided a variety of  retreats and programs.
This month, the Sisters of St. Martha are launching the Martha Ministry of Spirituality.  Congregation Leader Sister Brendalee Boisvert  says it will incorporate many of the programs offered through Bethany Centre.
For bookings, call 902-863-4726 or email
The move from the Motherhouse to the Shannex complex is expected to take place in early March.

Posted at 9:35 am on December 1, 2017

It’s an opportunity for area residents to spend some time, share some stories and say farewell.  The Bethany Motherhouse is holding a “Come and Go Tea” Open

Bethany Motherhouse (

House on Saturday from one until 4 p.m.  The event has been organized as the Sisters of St. Martha make plans to move from the Motherhouse in the new year.

Congregation Leader Sister Brendalee Boisvert says after almost a century in one location, it’s an opportunity to reminisce.
Boisvert says the last public mass at the Motherhouse Chapel will be January 7th.  In February, the Sisters will move to their new home being built by Shannex next door.

Posted at 12:32 pm on September 22, 2017

 The Sisters of St. Martha have chosen 25 trees on its property at Bethany to commemorate persons and events in its history.  The Sisters call this collection the first phase of its Bethany Arboretum.  Sister Donna Brady says it is intended to raise awareness and understanding about the value of trees.
Brady says there will be a sign on the property identifying the Arboretum.  At the sign will be a mailbox, containing a booklet  with a map that identifies and explains each tree in the Arboretum.  It is also creating maps that can be used on your smart phone.  Phase one of the Arboretum will be officially opened Saturday at 2 p.m.

Posted at 12:54 pm on May 16, 2017

The Utility and Review Board has sided with Nova Scotia Power over a dispute on supplying electrical service to the new home of the Sisters of St. Martha.  A new 25 bed nursing home is being built by Shannex Incorporated that will replace the Bethany Motherhouse.  It’s being built next door to the existing structure.
Power to the Motherhouse, that straddles the Antigonish Town Boundry, is supplied by Antigonish Electric Utility. The utility anticipated it would also be the service provider to the new building, which is located in the county.  However, Shannex has expressed a preference to deal with Nova Scotia Power.
The UARB concluded that the new facility is within the service territory of Nova Scotia Power and NSPI should provide service.   A determining factor was the location of a 25 kilovolt loop owned by NSPI that is used to power all substations that service the Town.  The board noted it is  between the new facility and the Motherhouse, creating what appears to be a natural electrical boundary.

Posted at 1:36 pm on May 3, 2017

A weekend retreat later this month in Antigonish will explore Devine Mercy.  The retreat, will be held from May 26th to 28th at the Claymore Inn.  Presenters for the weekend are a brother and sister originally from  Antigonish.  Father Gary MacPherson is a priest in the parishes of St. Andrews, Heatherton, Pomquet and Giants Lake.  Sister Jovita MacPherson is the Director of the Sisters of St. Martha Street Ministry in Halifax.
The weekend will include discussions on what is Mercy, the spirtual and corporal works of Mercy and how do get Mercy.
Father Gary MacPherson says by accepting God’s love, we become agents of his work.
 More information on the retreat can be found on the 989XFM web site.