St. FX Nursing

Posted at 9:51 am on October 30, 2017

A St. FX Nursing Professor has embarked on a study on how health equity is framed in Canadian public policy documents.
Health equity is defined as everyone has a fair opportunity at living a long healthy life.  Dr. Elizabeth McGibbon is the lead researcher in a nearly 50-thousand dollar collaborative study with funding from the  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  McGibbon says even though the term is being increasingly used,  there’s no tracking how the word is impacting people who have faced historic disadvantages.  That would include Indigenous peoples, African Canadians, women, people living with disabilities, and LGBTQ two spirited people.
McGibbon is being joined in the study by Dr. Katherine Hierlbeck, a Political Science Professor at Dalhousie University.  Two St. FX honours students in nursing and political science have also participated in the study.