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MacDonald to head the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents

StFX University President Dr. Kent MacDonald is the new chair of the Council of Nova Scotia

St. FX President Kent MacDonald

University Presidents or CONSUP.

MacDonald said the council represents the interests of the 10 universities in Nova Scotia and ensure they maintain the economic and social impact they’ve had for well over 100 years.



MacDonald said CONSUP deals with a number of items such as working with the government on what they feel is best for the education sector, making sure the universities work together on issues such as mental health and the prevention of sexual violence, and determining what schools should be doing and thinking about in terms of serving a number of underrepresented communities.

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St. FX President Kent MacDonald says the University Still Has Room To Grow

The president of St.FX University is pleased after a busy 2017 saw multiple funding announcements and ground breaking for a new institute in government. Dr.

Artist rendering of Mulroney Hall, currently under construction

Kent MacDonald says that the new Mulroney Hall marks the start of a transformational project at St.FX that will change the future of the campus.

Overall, when looking back at 2017, MacDonald says upgrade announcements at the University were a highlight, but there were some low points in the year as well. MacDonald says the University still has room to grow:
When looking ahead to 2018, MacDonald says that student success is always the top priority, and the university is always looking at avenues to improve the student experience.
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St. FX President Kent MacDonald applauds provincial report’s recommendations on preventing sexual violence

Last Friday, the province released a report giving 10 recommendations to help prevent sexual violence on University Campuses. Committee members included

St. FX President Kent MacDonald

representatives from government, universities, student groups and community agencies.

St.FX President, Kent MacDonald says he welcomes the report and says that St.FX is ahead of the 8-ball for a number of the recommendations:
MacDonald adds that no campus is perfect and there is always more work to be done to prevent gender based and sexual violence. Some of the reports recommendations include delivery of consent education, establishment of a bystander program and creating a sexual prevention advisory committee.
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St. FX President says Xavierian Commons will be completed in 2020

It was announced on Friday that the federal government is awarding St.FX University nearly 30 million dollars . The money will be used for construction of new buildings, refurbishing Nicholson Tower and the removal of The Annex.
St. FX President Dr. Kent MacDonald says this is a momentous day for the university and greater Antigonish community. The jobs and economic benefits from this project are hard for him to comprehend:
To date, this is the most transformative project in the history of the campus. The area will be known as the Xaverian Commons, and work on this area is expected to be completed by 2020.