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Town of Antigonish reaches Memorandum of Understanding with Other Municipalities on Hazardous Waste and Shared IT Services

They town is partnering with other municipalities on a couple of projects.

Council for the Town of Antigonish discussed a pair of inter municipal agreements, one dealing with household hazardous waste and one dealing with a memorandum of understanding for shared IT services.

Mayor Laurie Boucher explained the town used to collect hazardous household once a year and now they’ll have a spot open all year long. She said they are excited to partner with the county and called it a step forward for recycling and getting rid of waste in a proper way.

As for the IT MOU, Boucher said the town has to ensure its communication and computer systems are secure. Boucher said there are three phases to the project, and they passed a motion for the first phase. The first phase sees the town offer between $5,000 and $7,000 towards the cost of an overall audit of systems for the nine municipalities involved.


Boucher said it’s another example of being able to do more through partnering with nearby municipalities.