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Advertising Packages

The 989 XFM Sales Team prides itself on being able to provide a good product with good frequency for any budget! And there are many, many products over and above the traditional 30-second and 60-second occasions.

Here are some of the other products offered by 989 XFM:

  • Optimum Availability Packages that provide great frequency at a great discount.
  • 15-second occasions can give you good frequency at less cost and can provide as much impact as longer spots. These work well when your business is well-positioned and the “sell” is short.
  • 60-Second Call-outs to give your business that ‘live’ and immediate impact of speaking directly with your potential customers.
  • Weather updates with a 6 to 8 second sell just for you! Weather updates air twice per hour, and who isn’t listening for the weather?
  • Business cards! A 10-second radio business card gets your name, location and your positioner or sell on the air!.
  • On The Town Liner is a live read of what – or who! – is on the menu at your restaurant, pub or entertainment facility.
  • Community Event Support Packages of 10 occasions enable you to provide advertising support for a community event plus give you 50% of the product as sell time for your own use; that’s 15 seconds for the event and 15 seconds for you. You and your business benefit from both the reduction in the price and good will you create with your support.
  • Public Service Packages are a great vehicle to create lots and lots of good will! For those who are well positioned in the market place, packages of 20 occasions include your name mentioned twice in every occasion.
  • Blinks. What is a blink? A blink is a 3-second punch of information that is placed within a music sweep! This fun, exciting product is offered in packages of ten occasions. They work extremely well as support for your lengthier advertisement.
  • On-Location Broadcast creates an event at your location whether you are opening a new business, launching a new product or that you simply want to be the center of attention during the hours of the broadcast. Includes pre-promotes and guarantees competitor lockout during the broadcast.

Whatever your budget, 989 XFM makes radio work for you!